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Posted on: February 10, 2011 1:09 pm

Lauren Shehadi poem

This was a poem Lauren Shehadi wrote for our Fantasy Football Update podcast on Thursday.

By Lauren Shehadi

Fantasy Football, we miss you so.
Jamey wants to talk about last season, I say dude, no.

Dave's obsessed with draft status and who he's picking in Round 1.
All I really want to tell them is if I'm in their league, they're done.

Dave says Lauren, is the first defense off the board the Steelers or the Jets?
I say it's February, shouldn't we be more worried about the Mets?

I was looking forward to the offseason since I would have more pens in stock.
But all these Fantasy Football guys want to talk about is, of course, their mock.

So keep it here on CBSSports.com since Dave and Jamey are obsessed, it's what they live for.
Our viewers are our motivation and next season we want you to soar.

Jamey's opinionated and Dave has too many notes
All these guys really want to do is be in Disney World on Aaron Rodgers' float.

The season is over, I say take a breath and relax.
Jamey says in a minute, Tim Tebow, did you just get more stats?

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