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Posted on: April 18, 2008 5:46 pm

Who wants Chad Johnson?

Here's a question: If you're the Atlanta Falcons, would you trade your entire NFL Draft for WR Chad Johnson, TE Jeremy Shockey, LT Bryant McKinnie and DE Jared Allen? If I'm Arthur Blank, I look into making it happen.

Now, it would obviously be hard to do, because most of those players would go for high draft picks. But if you're the Falcons with one pick in the first round, three picks in the second round, two picks in the third round and one in the fourth, it could work. And you could still get some quality players.

Let's just say for fun you won't give up your No. 1 pick, which is No. 3 overall. But you give up a second-round pick and a fourth-round pick for Allen. You give up a second-round pick for McKinnie, a second-round pick for Johnson and a third-round pick for Shockey. With the first-round pick, you draft QB Matt Ryan.

You have now added a stud wide receiver, pass rusher, left tackle and tight end while also drafting your quarterback of the future. And you have also given fair offers to these other teams.

Of course, this is never going to happen because it's too far-fetched. But with a team like the Falcons, who need a lot of talent, getting proven players might be a better option than reaching on youth. And Johnson, McKinnie and Allen are still young.

Any other crazy ideas for the draft? Let me know.

One more thing. Farewell Steve McNair. You were a great quarterback and gave me one of my best football memories. The first Super Bowl I ever covered was in Atlanta when the Titans lost to the Rams. McNair nearly led the Titans to victory in a tremendous game.

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